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40x26x6cm Frame (black, openable)


Three varieties of the family commonly known as the Paper Kite butterfly, which is a relatively common species in Southeast Asia, occurring in coastal mangrove forest and dense lowland rainforest at altitudes between sea level and about 400m. The flight of these butterflies is graceful and undulating interspersed with heavy flapping due to its large wing-size to body-size ratio.


These butterflies belong to the Danaini tribe (for another example, see the Monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus), which has an interesting defence mechanism - they deter predators with a chemical substance known as "danaidone," which makes them unpalatable. Male butterflies accumulate the danaidone while collecting nectar from plants and pass it along to the female during mating to protect the eggs.


From top to bottom:


Idea lynceus (Malaysia)

Idea leuconoe gordita (Luzon Island, Philippines)

Idea blanchardi (Binongko Island, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia)


Three Great Ideas

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