Papilio ulysses 26x19cm White Frame Handmade

Exquisite Framed Butterflies

(and other beautiful gifts and curiosities)

Gem-like, intricate, breathtaking butterflies and moths, sourced from butterfly farms and conservation projects worldwide, displayed within deep, sealed frames. 

These colourful and uplifting displays, handmade in Wales using traditional methods, will last a lifetime and brighten any room.

​҉     Expert craftsmanship since 2008     ​҉ 

Morpho godarti in Handmade 26x26cm Frame


Dazzling blue mirror-like butterflies from the South American rainforests. Their colouration endlessly changes as you view them from different angles. 

Idea idea (the Paper Kite) in Handmade 19x19cm Frame


A sub-family of the Nymphalid family, represented here by a collection of Ideas (very much Dalmatian with their spots) and the Monarch butterfly. Specimens from South-East Asia and South America.

Urania riphaeus - the Sunset Moth in Handmade 26x19cm Frame

Tropical Moths

These day-flying moths resemble Swallowtails so much that they were initially misidentified as such. Splendid colouration - iridescent greens and pinks against a deep black. 

Callicore aegina, pastazza, cajetani, cyllene, eunomia, hystaspes in Handmade Frame.


Jewel-like butterflies with kaleidoscopic patterns. Specimens from South America and Central Africa.

Phoebis philea in Handmade 15x15cm Shadowbox Frame


Bold yellow, orange and white butterflies which seem to catch the slightest bit of light and radiate back a deep but often mellow glow. Specimens from South-East Asia and South America.

Heliconius doris in 15x10cm Handmade Frame


A selection of longwing butterflies from South America which demonstrate fascinating instances of Mullerian mimicry. 

Papilio ulysses in 19x19cm Handmade Frame (Black)


A selection of large and vividly-coloured varieties of Papilionidae from the tropics, especially South-East Asia.  

Cithaerias aurorina in Handmade 15x15cm Shadowbox Frame


Such delicate butterflies! These glasswings have a gorgeous blush radiating from the base of their hindwings. Specimens from Peru.  

Syrian Mosaic Boxes

Syrian Mosaic Boxes

Made by craftsmen in Damascus, these traditional and elegant mosaic boxes are the perfect place for your most treasured jewelry.




"Look! The beauty—but that is nothing—look at the accuracy, the harmony. And so fragile! And so strong! And so exact! This is Nature—the balance of colossal forces. Every star is so—and every blade of grass stands so—and the mighty Kosmos in perfect equilibrium produces—this. This wonder; this masterpiece of Nature—the great artist."

Joseph Conrad - Lord Jim