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. "Look! The beauty—but that is nothing—look at the accuracy, the harmony. And so fragile! And so strong! And so exact! This is Nature—the balance of colossal forces. Every star is so—and every blade of grass stands so—and the mighty Kosmos in perfect equilibrium produces—this. This wonder; this masterpiece of Nature—the great artist."

Pieridae, Phoebis philea, Hebomoia glaucippe
Moths, Urania riphaeus
Heliconidae, Heliconius doris
Morphos, Morpho anaxibia


The beginnings of a life-long fascination

I found my first tropical butterfly when I was twelve, in a cold and wet field in Normandy. It was a single wing, jet-black, with a row of dazzling green triangles darting down the edge. In London, the expert at the Natural History Museum told me that it was the upper wing of Trogonoptera brookiana, the Rajah Brooke's birdwing, from Borneo. Borneo! It was only years later that I discovered my cousins were spring cleaning and had thrown out great uncle Hervé's souvenirs. 

In the meantime, this chance find had sparked a real fascination. I wrote to collectors and merchants, pored over entomological encyclopedias, and taught myself the delicate skill of setting specimens. Later, in Paris, I found out the best way to frame them - not in picture frames, or Riker mounts, but in deep paper-lined boxes sealed against the mites which devour the thoraxes of the specimens (which was what had done for Hervé's birdwings). My bedroom smelt of naphthalene. I moved the operation downstairs. 

I have put all the expertise I gained in the course of my personal interest into the displays that you will find on this site. This is my passion - it has taken me to all sorts of interesting places and introduced me to such a strange and delightful assortment of people (and butterflies). 

Each butterfly has been expertly prepared to museum standards, and is mounted on conservation-grade foam in a hand-made, beautifully crafted case backed with Italian decorative paper - these bespoke and unique displays will last a lifetime.



Do you have a particular project you would like me to prepare?

Or are you searching for a gift for someone special?

Please get in touch and let me know how you would like the butterflies displayed. 

I also repair broken displays - if you have an old frame that needs mending, or glass repaired, or a collection that needs some specimens replaced, please contact me.