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Idea d'urvillei

15x15x6cm handmade black frame 


Named after the French explorer, botanist and naval officer, Jules d'Urville, who, amongst other things, witnessed the excavation of the Venus de Milo in 1819 and wrote an impassioned letter to the French government begging them to purchase it - which they did, giving him permission to spend 'whatever it may cost'. His biography is worth reading for the amount of sheer whimsy it contains. 


Idea d'urvillei belongs to the Danaini tribe (for another example, see the Monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus), and deters predators with a chemical substance known as "danaidone," which makes them unpalatable. Male butterflies accumulate the danaidone while collecting nectar from plants and pass it along to the female during mating to protect the eggs. It is very similar in appearance to Idea idea, but is slightly smaller and has a more distinct (and prettier) embroidery to the edges of its wings. 

Idea d'urvillei

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