Salamis parhassus

20x15x6cm frame (black)


Salamis parhassus – the Forest Mother-of-Pearl – is found in lowland forest habitats, including degraded forest. It is a sun-loving species, usually seen along logging roads and around the edges of small clearings. They are usually found singly, or in twos and threes.


Males perch on the lower foliage of trees, or at the top of tall bushes, usually with their wings held slightly apart. They swoop down to intercept and chase other passing butterflies, indulging in a spectacular aerial battle, with their shimmering mother-of-pearl iridescence glinting in the sunshine.


Both sexes go to roost in late afternoon, in a head-downward posture, hanging beneath the leaves of bushes. In this situation the leaf-like underside, complete with fake "midrib" and "mould spots", provides them with excellent camouflage.

Salamis parhassus

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