Panacea prola

30x14x6cm frame (black)


This display shows the upper side and underside of Panacea prola, an abundant and striking butterfly found from Costa Rica south across Venezuela and the Guianas, throughout the Amazon basin, and into Bolivia, with these specimens coming from Peru.


The upper side is an iridescent, reflective arc of greenish blue on a black background, often resembling a leaf when the butterfly roosts in the high rainforest canopy during the morning. As the temperature rises throughout the day, they descend through the canopy and settle lower down on the trees, often resting head-down with their wings flattened against the tree bark.


When they perceive a threat, Panacea species fold their wings up and fan them to display their arresting red underwings, with the signal spreading throughout the group.

Panacea prola

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