Asterope degandii – Hewitson’s Glory

15x10x6cm frame, side-by-side display


This species can be found from Southern Colombia through Ecuador to Northern Peru and Western Brazil. It occurs in tropical evergreen and semi-deciduous forests, at an elevation of 100–2,400 metres (330–7,870 ft) above sea level. These two specimens come from Peru and are mounted to show ventral and dorsal sides.


These butterflies have been prepared in the UK to museum standards and are displayed in a deep handmade shadowbox frame, mounted on white conservation-grade foam. The back of the frame is covered in really special Italian decorative paper, with a brass hook for hanging it on the wall (but it also stands perfectly on a mantlepiece or a table). They are completely sealed inside the frame and will last for generations.

Asterope degandii hewitsoni

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